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Christmas Ribbon Jello

It seems to be the case with so many holiday foods that their allure is as much about nostalgia as it is deliciousness and this layered vintage Christmas jello innovation is no exception. You might remember your mom or grandmother serving this up in holiday season’s past, but it’s high time we brought this festive jiggler back.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have had this delight before, let me tell you what it’s all about. It all starts with a layer of lime jello…

… And that layer is topped with a mixture of lemon jello, pineapple juice, cream cheese, and melted marshmallows that is this wonderfully creamy contrast to the layers surrounding it.

That is finally topped with another layer of jello, this time red – usually cherry or cranberry.

And then it chills until it’s set and sliceable and oh-so-festive.

The contrast in flavors and textures works really well, even if you’re not particularly into jiggly desserts. It’s retro, sure, but it has its place in modern day celebrations!

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