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Snickers Fudge

– Very, very rich, but very delicious. Tastes exactly like a snickers bar. After reading the reviews, I used about 10 extra caramels and I think that was just enough. These are great for those like me who have an extreme sweet tooth.
– Mmmmm…. this is really good. I love the caramel-nut layer, but the fudge bottom is so-so (I would prefer to add the topping to authentic fudge). I used about 50 caramels plus a little extra water. I put half of the caramels on the fudge layer, added pecans (instead of peanuts), sprinkled a little salt on the nuts, and added the remaining caramels. I microwaved the two layers of caramel separately. There might be too much butter in the fudge part – it was really greasy to work with and after it cooled, butter solids collected on the sides (I don’t think the pan should be greased.) I lined my pan with parchment paper; was able to lift the whole fudge out and place it on a cutting board to slice. I used a large hot, dry knife, and cleaned it off between cuts – I sliced thinly and the fudge looked very neat and pretty. Thanks for the delicious recipe!

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