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Chocolate Revel Bars

You know, a delicious oat cookie crust is generally reserved for fruit crisps, but the beauty of a revel bar is that it combines chocolate brownies with a scrumptious oat topping. These ones are so good! Basically made up of decadent fudge, they’re absolutely out of this world and great for a crowd! We made this recipe with ourselves and our friends and families in mind, but double it up and you’ve easily got enough for a whole party! We love everything about these revel bars (how sinfully rich they are and how quickly they disappear, being two reasons) and we know you’ll love them too!
These are really simple to throw together. You start by creating a simple oat cookie dough and spreading most of it into a baking pan. Then, you melt some chocolate with some condensed milk and butter until it’s smooth and velvety and so chocolatey. You pour that divine mixture over the cookie dough in the pan and top it with the remaining cookie dough before popping it into the oven.
The end result is a dessert bar with a tender cookie bottom, a fudgy chocolate middle and a cookie top with a delicate crunch. Cookies or brownies… it’s the best of both worlds, so you might as well have ’em both!

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