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Chocolate Drum Stick Cheesecake Cake?! Holy Moly, Man!

Ladies and gentlemen, your childhood dreams are about to be reinvented with this delicious drum stick cheesecake dessert. Remember how amazing those ice cream drummies tasted on a hot day? Welp, the festive flavor of ice cream drum sticks and cheesecake decided to partner up and create this lovely dessert. You aren’t going to want to share this as it is super duper yummy, creamy, and ever so dreamy.

I know that this cake looks like something straight out of a bakery window but let me tell ya, don’t be intimidated because it is very easy to make. It’s even easier to eat! You’ll be the star of the potluck if you bring this bad boy with you.


I brought this yummy drum stick cheese cake to my sister’s baby shower and I think she ate most if it herself. She gets a free pass to indulge though because she’s pregnant with twins. I’m pretty sure each baby got their own piece of cake on that day. LOL Enjoy!

Photo and recipe courtesy of the Mennonite Girls Can Cook.


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