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Chocolate Delight

It is Monday and I am back on schedule…I told you I would get it together.

Anywho…Cooking was certainly going to be part of my future because I was surrounded by so many women that believed in cooking for family, friends, church functions, and the neighborhood. Yes…I said the neighborhood…because if I did not have anything to eat, then I knew exactly which house to go to get a hot plate that was made with love.

I am also willing to bet that you may know a special someone that cooks a Sunday meal any night of the week, but if not that is the neighborhood and family that I grew up in. I remember church potlucks were filled with so many goodies that you hardly knew where to begin and after it was all over you would be headed home with a full belly and a to go plate…if you were lucky.

If you have been following me then you know by now that I love sweets and church potlucks gave me a chance to try so many different sweets and one of my all-time favorites to whip up when I am short on time actually came from a church potluck. That was another one of the great things about those potlucks…if you liked the dish…then you could ask the chef for the recipe so that you could make it later.

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