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China Cabinet Makeover

Wondering what to do with a 1980’s china cabinet that doesn’t quite fit your style in 2019? Keep reading, I’ve got some ideas!!

1980’s to 2019Way back in the 1980’s my hubby and I bought our first dining room set. Solid oak and honey colored, this set came with four chairs, a pedestal table and a two-piece china cabinet. We called it a hutch.

I just loved that set so much! As our family expanded, we needed more chairs. We also had decided to move into a new home. So as we shopped for a new dining table and chairs and we sold our the honey oak set.

china cabinet makeover

just couldn’t let it go!

But I just couldn’t part with the hutch. It was solid oak and well made. And it was paid for. Antiques at that time could be pricey so we opted for a new dining set. We found one that we both loved and bought lots of chairs to go with it.



But that hutch….well I just couldn’t say good bye to it! It moved around our new home – in the dining room, in the living room and even in a spare bedroom! I love using furniture in rooms they were not intended for.


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