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Chicken and Dumpling Casserole with Veggies

This chicken and dumpling casserole is a delicious take on a classic southern comfort food recipe that the whole family will love.

I love casseroles. Not only because they are delicious, but also because they make mealtime easy.

They don’t require constant stirring or even for me to constantly be in the kitchen watching the stove. Once everything is in the casserole dish and in the oven, I can spend time doing other things.

Plus, with casseroles, we always have leftovers for the next night’s dinner as well.

Looking for a new casserole recipe idea to try?

You are going to love this homemade chicken and dumpling casserole.

In fact, this chicken casserole is tied with my chicken & rice casserole and chicken noodle casserole as the best chicken casserole recipes I have ever had.

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