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Cherry Coke Cupcakes

An easy recipe for tasty cherry coke cupcakes made with chocolate cake mix, cola, and maraschino cherries. A perfect treat for any occasion!

Who doesn’t love a good cherry Coke? It’s the perfect mix of sweet and refreshing. And now, you can enjoy that delicious flavour in cupcake form! These Cherry Coke Cupcakes are simple to make and taste absolutely amazing.

This cherry Coke cupcakes recipe is a fun and easy way to enjoy one of your favourite drinks in dessert form! These cupcakes are perfect for parties or special occasions, and everyone will love the delicious cherry cola flavour. They’re moist and fluffy, easy to make, and always a hit with guests.

Enjoy a rich chocolate cherry cupcake with a faint coke flavor, topped with a buttercream frosting made with maraschino cherry juice.

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