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Chewy Walnut Crinkle Cookies

Crinkle cookies are always such a fun baking project because they come out with these gorgeous sugary cracks and crevices, and they come in so many different flavors, from ginger to chocolate, and in this case, walnut. We love a good cookie, and we especially love this chewy walnut crinkle cookie. They make a lovely gift, wrapped in a cellophane bag tied with a ribbon, and they’re perfectly lovely when served up with a cup of tea. So, grab your apron and electric mixer – it’s time to do some baking!

Ok – you don’t actually need an apron, but you do want to have that trusty electric mixer ready to whip up a batch of wonderfully chewy walnut crinkle cookies. Gather up all your supplies and maybe a helper (these cookies are fun to make with the kids). Take a few minutes to toast the walnuts before adding them to the batter, it’s really simple to do, just a few minutes in a pan on medium heat will warm up the walnuts and give them a little extra nuttiness as they brown up. When crumbled as they are here, they add another layer of texture to the crinkle cookie.

A chewy walnut crinkle cookie baking in the oven is one of our favorite “shows.” We treat the oven’s window like a TV screen, and this show even comes with smell-o-vision! A crinkle cookie has the best of both worlds when it comes to texture: the crisped-cracked outside while the inside is soft and chewy. The cracked top gives the cookie a kind of rustic charm that your typical chocolate chip or sugar cookie would not naturally have. With all the cookies to soon make an appearance at holiday gatherings, we highly recommend making a treat that will truly stand out as something special and delicious, and this chewy walnut crinkle cookie will do just that!

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