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Cheese For Breakfast? Count Me In!


2 pkg Pillsbury crescent rolls

1 pkg Philadelphia cream cheese

onion flakes, dehydrated

salt and pepper

canadian bacon

Kraft cheddar cheese

asiago cheese, grated



preheat oven 375 spray a cookie sheet with non stick spray, gather your ingredients

roll out the crescent rolls and pinch the seams together making it flat

sprinkle the onion salt and pepper over the flat dough

spread the cream cheese over the seasoning

layer the Canadian bacon and cheddar over top

roll like a jelly roll

slice in 6 1″ inch slices, place on cookie sheet, sprinkle the asiago cheese on each wheel

place in oven cook for about 18-20 mins. These are so versatile you can use any ingredients, making them as thick or thin as you like them

Source :  allrecipes.com