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Cheese For Breakfast? Count Me In!

My niece and nephew were coming to stay the weekend at our house. With my two kids that are the same age, it was going to be a busy time. I know how they get when they are all together. It kind of makes me feel like I’m at the zoo. That goes for the way they act, and how much they eat! My kids eat fairly normally I think, but then you add two more to the mix, and people aren’t all hungry at the same time, until the other one is… it’s never ending. I actually have to tell them that the kitchen is closed at times or I don’t think that the fridge door would ever be shut.

Before they came, I decided that I was going to plan out the menu to ensure that I had a nice and hearty meal in them at the appropriate times. That would hopefully cut down on some of the snacking. For breakfast one day, we were going to be having three cheese breakfast wheels.

I had found the recipe on Just A Pinch and it sounded delicious and pretty easy to make. I know how much kids love cheese, so I knew that they were going to go crazy over this for their morning meal.
I woke up a little bit before the little busy bodies did one day and decided to whip these up. I couldn’t believe that they were so simple. They smelled amazing coming out of the oven too. So good, I think that the smell actually woke the kids up out of bed! With the two packages of crescent rolls it made quite a big pan full, so there was plenty to go around. It’s a good thing that I snuck a few before I set them out because these were gone in no time at all. I think that next time I could probably double up on the recipe and we would still eat them all without any leftovers. Feel free to add extra cheese, that’s what I did. You can never have too much cheese.

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