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Boring and Flat to Cozy and Elegant.

Don’t have a fireplace in your home? Want one but don’t want a major renovation?

This fireplace wall was fairly easy to do and it transformed the space so much. It’s crazy how cozy a fireplace can make a space, even if it’s only and electric one.

Follow along with me and I will show you how I transformed a boring flat wall into a “stone” fireplace.

boring and flat to cozy and elegant, The boring before
The boring before

The BeforeI feel like most would agree with me and think it’s safe to say this space was a bit on the boring side and could use some TLC.

I first decided how big I wanted the fireplace wall to be and now I wanted it to look. My wall was going to be 6’ long, would go floor to ceiling and it would have a mantel. I also decided I was going to have a space for my tv to be inset into the wall so that it didn’t stick paste the stone when it was mounted. I wanted a clean streamline look when you looked at it from the side.

Now that was all decided it was time to get building the frame.

Materials and tools needed

  • 2×2 lumber
  • one 2×8
  • OSB sheeting
  • quality Stone Simply White
  • drywall compound
  • white paint to match stone(comes with stone)
  • drywall screws
  • 3/4” pine for mantel


  • mitre saw
  • drill
  • small trowel

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