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Big Mama’s Cinnamon Roll Cake

If there’s one food that will please everyone it’s probably cinnamon rolls. Lay out some of these pillowy, sweet, cinnamon-y treats and they will disappear in no time. But, if you’ve ever made them from scratch you know they take a lot of work. The dough is a yeasted dough, which means it has to rise twice. Then there’s the rolling process and then the baking and then the icing. But, you can bypass all this and still get a cinnamon roll experience with this recipe for big mama’s cinnamon roll cake.

Instead of being a dough, you start with a cake batter. For a really moist texture we’re using shortening as per the original recipe. This cake recipe went viral after being posted to a recipe subreddit from a user whose family cherished this “secret” recipe.

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