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Apple Butter Cookies

Chewy, soft and spicy apple butter cookies are the best Fall treat! Crisp edges, soft chewy centers packed with the sweet and spicy flavors of apple butter. It’s like the purest form of apple butter, but in cookie form! The recipe makes 1 dozen cookies.

If I lived in an area that had cool enough tips for growing apples for apple picking, these apple butter cookies would be the first thing I make. Instead, I just bring home jars of homemade apple butter after visiting my husband’s family, and put it to use in these chewy, spiced cookies.

These cookies do not lack spice–we’re using jarred apple pie spice, and we’re using a lot of it. The dough has apple pie spice in it, but we also roll the cookies in a sugar mixture that contains it before baking, too. They’re extra spicy, and extra delicious! Plus, I love that we only need to get out one spice jar, not the whole spice cabinet, to make these.

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