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A Brand-Spankin’ New Way To Up Your Salsa Game!

Last summer, I was invited to a potluck type of BBQ party at the local park. There were all kinds of savory dishes to munch on during the whole day. That’s one of MY FAVORITE things about potlucks. You often get to try the kind of dishes you never would have thought of making yourself! That was the case this time, too. One of my friends had just visited Venezuela, and she brought back plenty of delicious recipes.

She had made this incredible salsa for the potluck, and it was nothing like I had ever tried before. I asked her what was in it and it sounded so weird that I thought it wouldn’t taste good at all. Wow, was I wrong!

The salsa was absolutely mind blowing! Apparently this is called guasacaca in Venezuela, and it’s actually a thick sauce, similar to guacamole in Mexico. My friend got the recipe from a family she visited, and they had always made it more of a salsa than a sauce. So that’s what she had done, too – just chopped the ingredients very finely.

It was so delicious, I practically spent the rest of the day hanging around that bowl of salsa, trying to make it look like I wasn’t eating it… But to be honest with you, I think I ate about a half of what she had brought!

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