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9 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Scratches on Any Surface

It’s likely that your home is filled with various surfaces, some of which you probably take great pains to keep looking nice. But, as many of us have likely found out, all it takes is one wrong move to scratch them up pretty good.
Luckily, it only takes a quick DIY to solve each surface conundrum! Whether it be wood, glass, marble or leather here’s a quick fix for any scratched surface you might come across.
1. Eyeglass Lenses
Scratches on your glasses (although a fun rhyme) are incredibly annoying since, you know, you need them to see. But the solution is actually a quick, cheap buffer that’s about to be your new go-to solution: toothpaste.
Opt for a toothpaste that’s non-abrasive and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals for whitening. Then, with a cotton ball or soft cloth, rub toothpaste on the lens in a circular motion. Do so for about 10 seconds and then rinse with cool water. More than one application may be required for deeper scratches.

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