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80’s Glass Chandelier Reclassed

So this circa 1980’s chandelier was laying out for the trash. This caused an immediate bat turn and pick up. Free is good. With Christmas on its way I went into my secret treasure room (The garage) and also found a thrift store ceramic nativity.

80 s glass chandelier reclassed

Step one was to remove the internal light fixture and cord. I reached inside and twisted the light fixture to the left until it loosened. It was stubborn after 40 years in the same position. I then cut the cord and pulled it out the top and pulled the light parts out the side door.

80 s glass chandelier reclassed

Step two. I created a plywood six sided base from scrap plywood. Getting the measurements exactly right was the tricky part. I painted this off white on both sides and glued it in with trusty glue gun.

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