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7 early warning signs of stroke everyone should know

2) Arm weakness. People experiencing a stroke often have sudden weakness or numbness in their body, and it’s usually concentrated on one side. WebMD suggests asking them to raise their arms above their head – can they do it? Is one arm significantly lower than the other?
3) Speech difficulty. People affected by a stroke often have trouble speaking clearly and tend to slur their words. Healthline suggests asking the person to repeat what they are saying, to be sure whether they are slurring.
4) Severe headache. According to WebMD, a sudden and severe headache can be a symptom of stroke, especially when paired with other symptoms. Note that a couple of these symptoms can occur in the case of a migraine, too, so it could be worth asking the person if the headache is out of the ordinary for them. If in doubt, always call for medical help.
5) Changes in vision. MedicineNet advises that sudden double-vision or blindness in one eye can be a sign of an impending stroke.

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