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3 Step Furniture Makeover – Flea Market Flip

Y’all I finally got my Christmas Present in January! LOL!!! I had wanted a new piece for our bedroom but couldn’t find what I wanted. A few weeks ago I found a Small Chest that was the right size at a Flea Market. It just needed an update and it would be perfect! This 3 Step Furniture Makeover – Flea Market Flip was a quick & easy way to transform this cute chest into the perfect piece for our master bedroom. Using only Chalk Paint & Wax this tired chest now has an updated finish and great farmhouse style.

3 step furniture makeover flea market flip

This space beside our bed has been filled with this cute little table since we moved here. It was a left over piece from our previous home and although I love the table, it isn’t working for me any longer.

The table is to small for the space and provided no storage.

The chest was in great shape and only needed a little update to be perfect.

Although the chest was in great shape overall, there were some scuffs and nicks that needed to be repaired. Also, when I placed it in the room, it felt really dark beside the natural pine bed.

The first step was to clean the piece thoroughly. Although it was good condition, I gave it a good cleaning with Pledge furniture cleaner, to be sure there were no sticky areas.

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