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2 Ingredient Laundry Fragrance Booster

I have this weird duality about me. I like shopping but I’m cheap. It is my father and mother both in me at the same time I suppose. So I don’t normally just shop, I bargain hunt.

And I do this absolutely ridiculous thing when I’m shopping where I won’t buy a thing I need because I don’t want to spend the money. And then I wind up going back out for it where I buy more stuff than I would have if I just got it when I needed it. It’s absolutely crazy of me and I get it, but even my last trip to the grocery store I was all, oh, hey now that chocolate cake mix is almost $5. I’m not doing that today.

So I go the next day and while I’m there decide I need new pencils and, ooh, is that a furry pillow? It is!

And for a while I was buying scent crystals for my laundry because they really, REALLY smell good. But after a while I realized that this smell good was really adding up since I change my sheets and wash my towels so frequently. So I quit doing it. Every once in a while I’d take the bottle off of the shelf and look at it and then I’d wind up putting it back. Maybe next time I’ll spend that $6 but not today, I’d think.

In one of these moments I noticed that the brand that I always got, because I think it was the most reasonably priced, was made from sodium chloride. Now I’m not scientist but I knew it sounded familiar. And it absolutely should…

so·di·um chlo·ride

noun – a colorless crystalline compound occurring naturally in seawater and halite; common salt.

Yep, that’s freaking SALT they are selling us. And no fancy salt… COMMON salt! The nerve!

So I’ve started making my own. It’s so, so cheap and it smells exactly as I want it to. And I can mix the scents up every few days. I can even make a special nighttime formula to help me sleep at night with sleepy-time scented sheets. And you can, too. And it might just blow your mind how easy this is…

For this project you will need:

  • Jar or canister
  • Fragrance or essential oil (my floral set is from here)
  • Epsom salts

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