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16 Signs Your Blood Sugar Is Probably Too High

Blood sugar spikes are a result of the glucose buildup in the bloodstream. The body needs it as a fuel for the proper function of the brain, muscles, and organs, and most foods we consume are broken down into glucose.
Yet, it cannot be used as fuel unless it enters the body cells, which is helped by insulin, the hormone released by the pancreas.
Therefore, glucose floats around in the bloodstream and accumulated over time, in case the body lacks insulin.  When it buildups up in the bloodstream, it elevates the levels of blood glucose or sugar.
High blood sugar levels do not necessarily mean diabetes, in case the individual recognizes the early signs and treats the issue in order to prevent its aggravation.
Nowadays, numerous people are suffering from high blood sugar, mostly due to the modern lifestyles we lead, being constantly exposed to stress, and eating unhealthy, processed foods, loaded with dangerous chemicals.

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