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11 floor cleaning hacks that will make your life easier


1. When you’re vacuuming, attach some pantyhose to the hose of your vacuum with a rubber band. This way, you can pick up any small items like loose change, jewellery and toys without sucking them up into the vacuum altogether. This works great when you’re vacuuming your sofa or under furniture where small things may fall.

2. To save money and to reduce waste, when you use your Swiffer sweeper, use a fuzzy sock in place of the disposable sweepers. You can have a few of them on hand and wash them as needed, so you always have a clean one handy.

3. If your vacuum starts to have a weird smell, just suck up some cinnamon in it for a natural fix. When you’re running it, it’ll smell like the spice instead of the funky scent.

4. Make your own natural floor cleaner with one of the simple life hacks on the list. There are actually 3 to choose from. Instead of buying the Swiffer Wet Jet cleaning solution, mix up Murphey’s Oil wood cleaning solution with some warm water and put it in your mop. Or, you can mix up lemon juice, white vinegar, water and dish soap for a different Swiffer cleaner. You can also just use a plain old mixture of white vinegar and water with some alcohol in it to prevent any bacteria from growing.

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