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Your everyday every house Windsor chair REDO

you get tons of goops never fear you can just wait 24 hours and then lightly
sand them off with a 150 or higher sandpaper and it will be nice and smooth for
your final paint coat.  So after we
zinssered them all we waited at least 24 hours and then started painting the
chairs with the cream with our nice brushes. Then you end up with this.


 Ready for stain! We tested a small spot to make sure we would like the look
 It had this barnwood look which looked very rich and full of character so we wiped on the stain and tried to be careful to not touch the bottom of the spindles. This did not always work as you can see here
 at the bottom so I came back through and touched them all up like this
going up with the brush, it was like cutting in on a wall but on a much smaller scale.
Then I ended up with this on all the spindles of all the chairs!

Then I was ready for my finish. 
Before you put your finish on make sure to go and touch up any makes on the paint.
I used Rustoluems water based polyurethane for my finish. I did some research and
saw rave reviews about the ease of application and how well it looked when
dried so I tried it. I used a foam brush and did 3 coats (as recommended on the
label) It only takes 2 hours to dry!! And it cures in 3 days!! So I used it and
LOVE the results. I can’t believe how beautiful it turned out! There were also
no fumes, it smelled like shampoo to me! I am sold on this polyurethane and
would recommend it to anyone for ease of use (you can also see when applying if
you have put too much on there, its like a fluorescent purple white color so
you just go back and smooth it out until clear) 
I also used the polyurethane on the paint to give it extra strength. 
It didn’t yellow too badly and turned out well.
 These chairs went from plain wood to a much richer and older looking finish.
 As with all stain you can’t control how the wood will take it so the end look of the chairs was this
 The one of the far right was the most different but I think they all have so much character now. I really love how they turned out. Here are some pictures of the chairs in action.




Who knew a windsor could look to elegant.