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White Chicken Chili


“This is perfect for the chilly weather we’re having, though I would eat it in any weather! I added extra cumin because I love the flavor, and we were out of diced green chilies, so I also added chili powder to get the spice and flavor up. I know the green chilies would have given it the oomph I was looking for as well as the added flavor … so I’m just going to have to make this again soon. Can’t wait.”

“Love it!! So easy & still good when you tweak the spices! I used 1 tsp of Cumin and 1 tsp chiliPowder because we’re not big fans of Cumin. Then 1/4 tsp of the Cayenne pepper as well. Top with sour cream, cilantro, limes or all 3! Love recipes you can bend to what your family likes. This is a “keeper” for sure!! Heat some tortillas, either corn or flour & a great cold weather meal.”

Reviewed Feb. 17, 2018

“I made this DELICIOUS recipe last night as my something new, and it was a big success! I only added 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper (I don’t like spicy), and I used chopped red onion for extra flavor. I’m definitely adding this to my favorite list!”

“Delicious! Beats my white chicken chili recipe hands down. I added 3 cloves of garlic and used 1 tsp of cayenne pepper, next time I will only use 1/2 tsp as I don’t like a lot of spice. I didn’t use anything additional to thicken it, but I did add sour cream to my bowl of it and a lot of the cheese so that thickened it just fine.”

“Excellent, a family favorite”


“It was so delicious i tweeked it to make it thicker instead of cornstarch i used mashed potatoes u could barely tell it was in there it turned out anazing i also doubled the spices except the cayenne”

“It was so easy. I was looking for something to do with m chicken beside frying/baking again.. I found this one. I had ALL of the ingredients in my pantry… Even the canned beans.. lol.. It was so good.. I have loved this chili for a long time and now, I know how to make it!! Thank You!!”

“easy and Awesome!! Even my 13 and 9 year old ate it up and they are extremely picky and reluctant to try anything new.”

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