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What Not To Clean With Vinegar

Much like waxed floor or furniture vinegar’s acidity will dull the shine of your car. Keep it well away. Metallic paints are particularly vulnerable.

Smart Phone/Tablets/Windows
Your smart phone is coated with a special coating which (in theory) stops fingerprints and smudges (this apparently doesn’t apply to my phone which is finger print city). Using vinegar will strip away this protective layer, potentially damaging the screen.

Be it stone flooring, garden ornaments, a surface or a stone pot the natural acids in vinegar will cause real damage to stone.

Sealed grout should be fine with vinegar but unsealed grout won’t fair well with a dose of the vinegar treatment. Our tiler (you may remember this guy from this post) was very adamant that I shouldn’t use my “hippy cleaning stuff” until everything was signed off by him! He also made sure to mention very old grout or sealant which shows signs of peeling or flaking away shouldn’t be clean with vinegar either.

Are you a vinegar fan?
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