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What Not To Clean With Vinegar

Vinegar is a useful and thrifty product to have in your home for the purposes of cleaning but there are some items and surfaces which should not be cleaned with vinegar –


The first thing the guy who fitted our quartz kitchen worktops said to me after I paid up the (stupidly large amount of) money was “don’t EVER use that to cleaner quartz” whilst pointing at a spray bottle of white vinegar sitting in our sink. The acids in the vinegar can permanently damage granite, marble, quartz and similar products. That would be a very expensive mistake to make, so avoid at all costs.

Don’t clear up egg with vinegar! If you’re a fan of poached eggs you’ll know vinegar causes the egg to coagulate and it will do exactly the same without boiling water and a hob too. Vinegar will make cleaning up a split or splattered egg much more difficult.

Best Waxed floors or furniture
The acidity will dull the shine and strip away the protective wax over time.


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