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Vintage Suitcase Side Table

Turn a stack of vintage suitcases into a chic side table with just some salvaged furniture legs and a bit of stain.
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Don’t you just love old suitcases? The look, the feel, the stories…I do! I love that they have travelled the world and held the cherished possessions of someone special. So… when a friend asked if I could do something with these old suitcases that belonged to her parents I jumped at the chance to make them into a wonderful piece that she could keep forever.She wanted them to be made into something that she could use in a corner of her Dining Room as a statement piece. Her only “asks” where that they be dark in colour and look like something that had come from a Bombay catalogue. 🙂
Instead of using traditional paint on the vintage suitcases to make them darker and a little more uniform, I used General Finishes Java Gel Stain to “paint” them. Yep, stain. It was a bit of an experiment since the suitcases were vinyl, but it ended up turning out fantastically!
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