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Vanity Set Makeover – Breast Cancer Awareness Month Tribute

When my husband found this beautiful vanity set we knew it was something special. It did have worn down areas typical of a vanity this age and definitely some scratches and bite marks (thanks to some excited dogs I hear), but we knew it could be beautiful again, we just had to come up with a plan. Like the other pieces we rehab, the first thing to do after removing the hardware is clean. We used a 50/50 mix of denatured alcohol and water with a sponge, scrubbed then rinsed. Once it was dry we sanded the top down and scuff sanded the rest so the paint would have something to adhere to.

vanity set makeover breast cancer awareness month tribute
Antique Vanity
Antique Vanity Mirror

Tools and Materials

  • sponge
  • denatured alcohol
  • water
  • sandpaper
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • Saltwash
  • stain
  • wire brush
  • Barkeeper’s Friend
  • fabric
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