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Use The Tea Bag Method To Keep Rats And Spiders Out Of Your Home

3. A reminder that if there are any holes or openings in your house where a rat or spider might enter, it’s best to put a tea bag there as well.

4. Keep in mind if there are multiple areas in your house that need bags, you will need to make more than one cup of tea for this.

5. Keep the bags in those spots and in a few days your home should be free of the pests.

You’re probably wondering what a tea bag would do to prevent rats and spiders from infesting your home. The smell of peppermint absolutely repulses pests, and as a result, will find another place to call their home. This way you will not need to use any pesticides or deal with cleaning up a dead animal or bug off your floor.

This is especially useful in the summertime when spiders and rats are infesting people’s homes depending on the climate. This can also be used in the fall and wintertime as an extra effort to ensure rats don’t inhabit your home to avoid the cold. Just this one ingredient and these pests will never enter your home ever again!

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