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The Best Scalloped Potatoes Ever

It is always fun to read yet another claim for The Best Scalloped Potatoes Ever recipe. That is because every person who makes a scalloped potatoes recipe, usually has had that recipe passed down to them from their mother, their mother’s mother, or even further in their history, and so the emotional attachment to the recipe immediately precludes any other scalloped potatoes recipe from contention. And the funnier thing is that every one of these scalloped potatoes recipes is entirely delicious. And that is no exception with this best scalloped potatoes ever recipe, either!

There are a few things about this best scalloped potatoes ever recipe that do make it stand out and shine against the myriad other scalloped potatoes recipes that you might try (of course, still try them out! That is, in part, what makes cooking and baking so much fun). This scalloped potatoes recipe starts with Yukon gold potatoes, which are a fantastic potato to cook with. They have loads of great flavor and are a beautiful color both when they are raw as well as when they are cooked. For this particular recipe, keep the skin on the potato. The potato skin adds loads of fiber to the dish, a component of our daily diet that we too often neglect badly, and do not get enough of to eat each day. So leaving the skin on the potatoes for this recipe will contribute a good amount of this important nutrient.

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