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Turning a French Door Into a Shower Wall

We are currently remodeling our major bathroom. Our home is 97 years old and through the 35 years that we have lived here we have done many projects to make changes. We have a set of French doors that we took down many years back. They have been stuck away in a storage closet. I have always wanted to do something with the set or just one of them. During our bathroom project, we removed a wall with the intention of replacing with something more attractive. As I was contemplating what to replace the old wall with I remembered the French doors. So, I asked my husband, who does a lot of the carpentry work for me if he thought that was a feasible idea. So plans are set in motion and we get busy. It was my intent to use as much of the antique parts and pieces that we have saved through the years and that is exactly what we did. The paint was the only thing that we had to purchase. The project took longer than we intended because the weather (snow and cold temperatures) brought everything to a standstill.
turning a french door into a shower wall
Here is the door before any work was done on it.
Time to start stripping and sanding. There were so many coats of old paint on it I had to use paint stripper and sand it in order to get all the paint off. I wanted as much of the old paint off as I could get off.
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