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Turn a $60 Computer Armoire Into a Cricut Craft Cabinet

We are in the process of remodeling our home office, and with that, my desk space in the office no longer exists (Hubs works at home full time so it made more sense for it to become his office instead of a shared office). I needed an area for crafting, but the only room with space is my living room, so, I had to find a solution where my crafting space could be in the living room, without looking like a crafting space (since that would make my OCD-ish tendencies flare!) I searched Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist for weeks until I found the perfect solution: an oak computer armoire that someone was selling for $60! I added some shelving for my vinyl sheets to the top shelf and I refinished it to create the perfect crafting space. Best of all, when the doors are closed, it blends in with the furniture and you can’t tell it contains crafting supplies! Here is an abbreviated version of my tutorial for converting this to my craft cabinet. You can find the full tutorial, more pictures, and links to the items I used to organize this cabinet
turn a 60 computer armoire into a cricut craft cabinet
Here are a couple of before pictures so you can see what I started with.

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To begin the process of transforming this armoire into the perfect craft cabinet, I first had to clean everything on the cabinet (it was very dirty and had paint splatters all over it…). First, I removed the doors and hinges, followed by the drawers and pull-out shelves, as well as all drawer slides. I made sure to label which drawers or shelves the slides went to as I pulled them off to make re-assembly easier.
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