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Tuna Noodle Casserole With Cream Cheese

-This dish sounds wonderful but I will have to make a couple of changes to suit our tastes. Nobody here likes canned tuna and other than me, nobody likes peas. So I am going to make this…very soon…and use diced ham instead of tuna and sautéed mushrooms instead of peas. It seems very versatile so I think it will be very tasty!
Note: (Be sure to use good tuna). Also, make sure noodles are done before making sauce. The sauce gets too thick if it sits while waiting for noodles to cook. Make sure the sauce is really creamy before baking, if not it will be too dry when it is baked. To make sauce more creamy, add more milk to give it a good consistency. I like this recipe because it is made with cream cheese instead of cream of mushroom soup. Good taste….Enjoy….
-made it again this time and made mistakes and changes I wanted to post so you all know a slip will not ruin this dish gosh in writing this maybe I made so many I can re-post it as my own lol, I forgot about the peas at the last moment I tossed two huge handfuls still frozen in, this worked maybe because I forgot and drained my tuna so no water was added I had grated way to much cheese so just tossed a handful of it in the mixture I also found some dried amish egg noodles in the store and thought I would try them cooked them half way and yum, and of course fresh shrooms husband just cant eat canned veggies, on the top I used more of the sharp cheese, some parm, and Italian bread crumbs, I did this because I dont use much if at all salt in my food cuz I cant so I needed another layer of flavor going to cut up a bunch of it and freeze it for later this was my moms favorite dish just wish I had known about this way before she left this earth. so thanks again for this recipe even if I jack it up it is still so good

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