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Traci’s Patio Transformation: Backyard Oasis


When we moved into our home almost 7 years ago, there was an unfinished sunroom on the back of the house.

We left it like that for about a year, but we did not enjoy it. It was like a huge bug collector, and it would get scalding hot in there!

So my hubby and I tore down the walls of the sunroom and built columns to create a covered back patio.

We LOVED it!

It stayed that way for about five years, and it has been a great spot for summer cookouts and family get-togethers.

But last summer, I was getting tired of the gray concrete floor on our back patio. There were several stains we could not get rid of, and the concrete just left the patio looking bland.

I wanted to tile the patio, but we didn’t have the money.

So I decided to stain the patio to look like tile. (Actually, Rhoda put the idea in my head, and then I researched it online.) Thanks, Rhoda!

We cleared everything off the patio…

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