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Thrift Store China Cabinet Makeover

Hello lovely Friends! Today I’m joining my new Furniture Fixer Upper crew to share some furniture makeovers! Can I get a woot woot?? There are six of us so be sure to look for the links to their projects at the bottom! That’s like five bonus makeovers!! 😀

I have a fun piece to share today!

I had stopped by the thrift store closest to my house one morning and came across this china cabinet:

I needed some pieces to fill my empty booth and immediately loved the large glass door panels, but I knew it would be a bleeder which can be a pain to paint so I passed on it.

Fast forward a week or so and guess what was still there? AND all furniture was 20% off, so for $80 I brought it home!

Just as I suspected, I did have issues with bleed-through, but the end result was worth the trouble I think…

China Cabinet Update in A Bit of Sugar by Behr from confessionsofaserialDIYer.com

I knew I loved those big glass doors! I have included a few affiliate links so you can find the products I use.

China Cabinet Update in A Bit of Sugar by Behr from confessionsofaserialDIYer.com

I staged it for a bathroom…I would LOVE to have this in my bathroom!

I started by taping off  and covering the glass panels in the doors since I was unable to remove them.

Then I gave the entire piece inside and out two coats of Zinsser spray shellac to seal in the stain, in hopes of preventing bleed-through. (Wait at least an hour before painting.) Then I decided to spray-prime with Zinsser bullseye spray primer as well since I had plans to paint the piece white.

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