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This is Not Your Average Desk!!

Although the frame and drawers were solid wood and the sides wood veneer, the top was a super shiny smooth laminate.





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To be sure paint will stick to this well Dixie Belle Slick Stick was brushed on using a Dixie Belle premium chip brush. Two coats were applied 2 hours apart then left to dry for 24 hours.

While the top dried I started on the desk base. I chose a rich navy called deep sea from the new  Dixie Belle silk paint line using a flat medium  Dixie Belle synthetic brush.

I had these two patterns of  Dixie Belle rice decoupage paper and was not sure which one to choose so put out a poll on my  Instagram and  Facebook pages.



The sketched floral won hands down. This was good as I have 2 packages of it on hand.

To apply the rice paper to the drawer fronts I cut the bottom edge off the paper and cut in half which fit perfectly on each drawer front. I am using  Dixie Belle Gator Hide as my decoupage medium as it is supposed to give a more translucent background which will work well over the navy paint.



Using a  Dixie Belle premium chip brush, I brushed on a layer of  Dixie Belle Gator Hide on being sure to cover the entire drawer front then place the rice paper in desired spot and firmly rubbed down.



Once dry the edges can be sanded off if any over hang.

All hardware and feet were scrubbed well and spray painted a pretty soft satin silver.

And this one of a kind desk awaits its new owner. The link below to the blog tutorial has many more details if you are interested.

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