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This Essential Oil Is a Safer and More Effective Alternative to Most Pain Relievers! Here Is How to Use It to Alleviate Almost Any Type of Pain!

There is a fantastic essential oil out there, which helps alleviate pain without causing the side effects that usually come with most pharmaceutical pain killers. Most pharmaceutical pain relievers trigger many adverse side effects. For instance, Tylenol, also known as acetaminophen, is a pharmaceutical pain reliever that could wreak havoc on your liver. Moreover, Advil, also referred to as ibuprofen, is another common pain reliever that can have a negative impact on your liver.

On the other hand, Helichrysum Italicum has been found to provide and more effective pain relief than almost all natural remedies and pharmaceutical pain relievers.

Helichrysum Italicum, also referred to as the curry plant, is a plant that has incredible pain-relieving properties. Its nickname actually comes from its curry-like fragrance as well as its warm yellow flowers. This means that this plant has nothing in common with curry.

It is native to Europe and grows in Italy, France, and their neighboring countries. The essential oil of this herb is quite costly as it only grows in several regions!

In fact, there are many different varieties of helichrysum essential oil. But, the oil we are talking about is Helichrysum Italicum.

The Therapeutic Effects of Helichrysum Essential Oil:

Helichrysum essential oil is natural, non-sensitizing and non-irritating. Unlike most essential oils, you can apply this essential oil to your skin without diluting it first.

Helichrysum essential oil helps:
  • Stimulate cellular regeneration
  • Relax tight muscles and connective tissue
  • Get rid of toxins and lower inflammation
  • Prevent blood clots and bruising

Unlike most pain relievers, helichrysum provides unparalleled pain relief. Research has proven that the oil could help provide instant pain relief.

How to Use Helichrysum Essential Oil for Maximum Benefits:

You should apply it topically to relieve the pain in your joints, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. You can also use the oil to treat sprains, bruises, back pain, and more.

Believe it or not, almost any type of pain responds to the application of this essential oil.

Depending on the severity of the pain, you can apply this oil in 2 ways:

– Chronic Pain

In order to alleviate chronic pain, you should dilute helichrysum essential oil in a carrier oil. You should start at a low dilution like 5% and then work your way up if needed. You can make a 5% dilution by mixing 40 drops of the oil with 1oz. of carrier oil like olive or jojoba oil. In case you double the amount of drops per oz., you will create a 10% dilution.

– Acute Pain

To treat acute pain, including a twisted ankle or burn, you should apply the oil undiluted to the affected skin area. Once the injury has calmed down, dilute the amount you apply to 20% in a carrier oil. Massage it regularly until the pain has gone away.

How to Add a Cooling or Warming Effect to the Oil

You can actually mix different essential oils together depending on your health problem. In case you want to add a warming effect to the oil, you need to add some black pepper or ginger essential oils. You can use it to alleviate pain related to arthritis and boost blood circulation to the affected area.

However, in case you want to get the opposite effect, use peppermint essential oil because it can add a cooling effect to helichrysum.


When using essential oils, make sure you check their labels as some oils could be toxic when used too often or at higher concentrations. Even though Helichrysum essential oil doesn’t lead to any side-effects, be careful in case you are on blood thinners or have open wounds.

This essential oil has blood thinning properties, so if you take blood thinners, consult a naturopath or doctor prior to using this oil. You should NOT apply this oil to open wounds because it could impede your body’s natural clotting.

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