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This American Goulash Is A Classic American Comfort in a Bowl

American Goulash has got to be the number one reason for fights on our web site! It’s pretty funny. The comments come in tones of disdain and pure, fiery hatred.

“What is the point of goulash without Hungarian paprika?”

Well, honestly, this is an American goulash, which is about as different from Hungarian as possible. So, if you want to add that in, please do! It’ll be delish.

“Goulash is HUNGARIAN!”

Yes, I know, but like language, food and recipes change, adapt, and grow throughout the ages. This is American goulash.

Why do we love American goulash so much? It’s easy! It’s tasty! It’s inexpensive and perfect for making a meal stretch within larger families.

This is good ol’ fashioned American home cookin. It started back in the Old Country, but it has grown and adapted to what people enjoy and can afford. We love it! It tastes great. American goulash is comfort in a bowl.
This recipe goes by a few different names. Some call it beef goulash. Others detest that name. Some call it American beef goulash, beef goulash, and American Chop Suey.There are some recipes that rise to the top and stand out as a winner on everyone’s list, and American Goulash is one that everyone loves! This recipe is no different.

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