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These Arched Tiny Homes Cost As Little As $1,000

Tiny homes are awesome, but sometimes, the finished product can cost as much as a small home would. However, that’s certainly not the case with these up-and-coming tiny homes! Arched Cabins is a budding company located in multiple cities throughout the United States, and offers arched tiny home kits for as little as $1,000.

source: DIY Cozy Home
$1,000 will get you the cheapest model offered, but Arched Cabins also sells a 12×20′ cabin for $3,600, a 14×20′ cabin for $4,000, and a 12×40′ cabin for $7,200. There are also larger cabins in a range of sizes selling for different prices. In comparison to the average tiny home, even the bigger kit options are still quite reasonably priced.

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