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There’s Nothing Bashful About This Boston Cream Pie! – Easy To Make, Sweet To Eat

My husband and I were talking about Boston cream pie the other night, and we ended up having a friendly argument about it. Because while my husband is a kitchen whiz more than me when it came to practical application, I read more books and articles than him, making me much knowledgeable when it came to facts. I won of course, and he ended up making Boston cream pie for us. And I enjoyed every last bit! It started when we were watching a cooking show with our kids.

It’s the one where the bakers compete against each other to earn a title and prizes. One of the contestants made Boston cream pie as his final product

The friendly banter started about the history of this cream pie. Of course, I read about a lot of recipes, thus making me learn a few more things than him. So when the place where the Boston cream pie originated was mentioned, my husband lost to me.

The next day, we enjoyed a really beautiful Boston cream pie. He got the recipe from his mama, which is probably one of the best versions I have tasted. I sent a message to my mother-in-law after that.

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I tried making this too a few weeks after that incident with the husband. But I tried to search for another version on the internet. I found a really good one from Recipe Girl, which will give you the moistest and creamiest version of this dessert recipe. I knew it was good when my husband looked like he could eat the entire cake in one sitting. It’s a pretty simple cake, but you have to be patience because there’s a lot of whipping and mixing involved.

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