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The Breathtaking Way She Decides to Use an Old Kitchen Cabinet

As you all know, I am on Facebook Marketplace daily. Scoping out deals and freebies! Just a few weeks ago, I spotted this custom made kitchen cabinet. It was all wood and in great condition and the asking price was $20.00. The sellers were converting to open shelving and had the original cabinets for sale. This was the last one! There was storage space inside, so I knew it would make a great functional piece, in just about any room of the home. It just needed a few minor adjustments.

repurposed kitchen cabinet

For starters, the cabinet needed height. I had these four furniture feet in my stash that I had found at the Thrift Store for $1.00 each, and they were unfinished. They would be perfect for my project.

The Hubs drilled a hole in each corner of the bottom of the cabinet. He then screwed the feet into place. It was a solid wood piece so it would hold the feet nicely without any wobbling.

I chose the paint color Drop Cloth from Dixie Belle. I have fallen in love with this color! My walls in the dining room are camel colored which would coordinate well.

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