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Brown Sugar Carrots

Carrots are not something that I cook with anymore, except when I am cooking for my family. My SO hates carrots. My best friend in high school was allergic to carrots. My family? We’re carrot fiends. It definitely help for my siblings and me that our dad is an organic farmer, and we grew up with carrots straight from the ground. They were so crisp and sweet and delicious.

I have been in charge of the side dishes at my family gatherings lately, which is fine, but I seem to always be looking for ideas. I stumbled along this Brown Sugar Carrots recipe, and I haven’t looked back. This is amazing. I tested out a small batch for me and a friend. Now, it’s time to bring it for dinner. My family will love it, and I can’t wait to have them try it.
Most kids will eat carrots without a problem. They’re sweet and easy to munch upon, especially with some ranch For any kids who might not quite like carrots yet, this Brown Sugar Carrots recipe would be great. It’s sweet and savory, but it’s not overbearing on either end. It’s really quite a nice recipe.

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