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The benefits of eating watermelon

July is National Watermelon Month in the United States. Dr. Mercola explains watermelon wins this honor not only because it is sweet and delicious but also because it is the most commonly consumed melon in America.
Americans will be happy to know that all the watermelon they eat does wonders for their health. Watermelon is one of the healthiest foods in the world! Continue reading to find out what watermelon can do for your blood pressure, skin and heart.

1. Heart. One of the most powerful antioxidants is lycopene, the chemical that makes fruits red or yellow. Watermelon, with its rich red color, has an astounding amount of lycopene. Dr. Mercola explains antioxidants like lycopene are key for heart health and reduce the risk of stroke.

2. Eyes. Watermelon is high in vitamin A, essential for good eye health, reports the Watermelon Board. Watermelon also contains vitamin C, helpful in preventing cataracts.
3. Immune system. In addition to vitamin C, the Watermelon Board says the tasty red fruit is full of vitamin B6, both of which boost the immune system and fight disease.

4. Bones. Lycopene is essential for bone health, explains Alive. It helps prevent bone loss and osteoporosis. This is why women over the age of 50 should make a special effort to make watermelon a part of their regular diet.

5. Skin. The vitamin C in watermelon helps protect against free radicals, says the Watermelon Board. Free radicals accelerate aging by destroying collagen and increasing wrinkles.

6. Muscles. Watermelon can help relieve muscle soreness because it contains an amino acid called l-citrulline that protects against muscle pain. That’s why Dr. Mercola recommends drinking the juice from one-third of a fresh watermelon before exercising.

7. Blood pressure. The amino acids and enzymes in watermelon help blood vessels expand so blood can flow more easily. The World’s Healthiest Foods explains this process can actually cause your blood pressure to drop.

8. Stomach. Eating several large slices of watermelon can have positive effects on your digestive system because the fruit has both soluble and insoluble fiber, according to The World’s Healthiest Foods. For the best benefits, enjoy watermelon as a sweet dessert.

Watermelon is a tasty treat with incredible health benefits! Eat a few slices on their own or juice the fruit with mint and lime for a refreshing pre- or postworkout drink. You can even grill watermelon, along with peaches and Halloumi cheese or flank steak, for a delicious summertime salad.

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