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The benefits of avocado seeds

It’s common knowledge that avocado, like kale, is a “superfood”: The massive quantity of nutrients found inside is enough to completely turn your day around, whether you’re having the fleshy green fruit itself or a smoothie containing it. But something people often overlook is the sizable obstacle to its immediate consumption – the seed.
While scientists look for the next big superfood to turn into a trend, everyone else should focus on getting as much as possible out of one that’s already well-known. Research now shows avocado pits are just as valuable, if not more so, than the fruit that enfolds them.

Few people know about these secret benefits, most likely because avocado seeds are so difficult to crack open that the majority of avocado fans don’t bother paying much attention to them. But nothing worth having comes easy, and the benefits of avocado seeds are worth the effort.

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