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Surprise Monkey Bread

This is very yummy and gooey! Great for breakfast or snack.
-Have you seen JAP’s cook book on monkey bread, I believe it has all monkey bread recipes! Gave one to my daughter in law a couple of years ago for Christmas. .All of JAP’s cookbooks make great gifts, Christmas, Birthdays, or just because, why not check them out.
-I can not wait to try this! I have never had it and it is new to me! THANKS for sharing! In OK we are pecan lovers and at our house we spend hours picking up and preparing them to eat and gift. Another good use for those nuts I do believe.
-You recommend a fluted pan over a Bundt? I know I’m splitting hairs but just curious…..??
-I have made monkey bread for years. I also make this version but call it I find that using very small cubes of cream cheese works better and the family loves it.
-This is soooo delicious!! My family loved it. I don’t have a bunt pan so I made two batches in round cake pans and just laid them flat. Kept one pan here and took one to my Womans Bible Study! It was a big hit with everyone! Thanks for sharing
-I was wondering if someone could help me figure out what I am doing wrong with this recipe. It always takes much longer to bake and I have even tried raising the oven temp. They taste fabulous but they come out so gooey. Are they supposed to be really gooey???? To my knowledge I have followed the recipe to a T. Thank you for your assistance.

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