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Christmas Maraschino Cherry Shortbread Cookies

– I made these using marichino cherries, and thought they were sort of bland. Maybe if you used a fresh cherry, they would have more flavor. Also, they do fall apart using one cup of butter, but they also melt in your mouth!! Will not make again, but they are a really pretty little cookie!
– I can’t say I’ve made too many shortbread cookies but these were melt in your mouth amazing. Thank you for the tip to only use 3/4 cup butter, I dare say that you might be able to get away with only 1/2 cup butter.
– As far as I’m concerned there *is* no other cole slaw recipe. It’s the perfect blend of sweet/tangy and just creamy enough without water-logging the cabbage. I’ve used nearly exactly this recipe as a restaurant cook for years. I always split the mayo amount with salad dressing, but tried your recipe exactly and it was every bit as good and perhaps just a touch less sweet. Thanks SunFlower~

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