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Kolache Cookies

Any time there’s a gathering you want something really special to serve. Cakes are great, but in many families cookies are the star of the show. They’re certainly easier to serve than cakes and require no utensils to enjoy- making them ideal for family get togethers with lots of people.

These Polish kolache cookies are a staple dessert in many areas. This cookie has been spelled different ways, but the pronunciation is “co-watch-key” in Poland and “co-latch-y” in the US. However you say it or spell the name, these cookies are simply divine.

They have a rich cookie dough base that’s not sweet. This is countered with a dollop of sweet jam or preserves in the middle. Together they make the ideal combination and I can speak from experience here that one is never enough of these fabulous cookies.

The base recipe only has 6 ingredients- making it super simple to buy for and to prepare. The only bother about these cookies is that you have to chill the dough before you can make work them into shape.

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