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Stove Top Rice Pudding

This recipe was given to me long ago and it has been passed around for years. All my friends and family love it!! I usually double my ingredients so we can have it again or share .
-To Carrie Macfarlane. The eggs are what thicken the pudding. If it’s safety you’re worried about, the temp should be high enough to make it safe, if you’re still worried, you can use pasteurized egg product. or a non animal product sub. But yeah, you need the eggs to thicken it.
-I should have added that I made the recipe as written and it work perfectly. One hour over low heat. I didn’t temper the eggs because it had sugar and raisins, just added slowly to rice mixture. Try as Maureen posted then make your changes.. I give it 5 stars.
-I looked back at the recipe,and maybe I missed the comment but I did not see where it said to temper the eggs. I do appreciate you advising people who give us their wonderful recipes to be clear for those who don’t cook that much or do but the recipes aren’t clear and we haven’t made this kind of dish before.
Maureen,It is confusing to me whether you cover it or not.Also it says to bring to a boil after you add milk and butter,do you put the heat up high to get it to boil then reduce it to a simmer, or keep it low until it comes to a boil? You said you combine regular milk and evaporated milk.Do you use half and half of each and how many cups is that for each.I guess i could look up how many cups in a quart and figure it out but do you use the same amount of cups of evaporated milk.I don’t usually use evaporated milk and not sure if you substitute the same amount it for the same amount of milk. If I do the use evaporated milk,the recipe tells me how much to use.Hopefully you look at all the comments and help us out and respond.Sorry I do cook but not this and I really want to try it but not until I’m clear about it.Thanks for the recipe and hopefully for answering us.

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