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Sticky Glazed Basil Apricot Chicken

Apricots are something that I used to have a love-hate relationship with. When I was really young, under the age of 8, I would go through phases of loving and hating aprictos. Fresh or dried. Finally, I got over it, and now I adore apricots.

I’d never thought about basil and apricot together, but this sticky glazed basil apricot chicken sounds amazing! It looks great too!
My mom used to make this amazing apricot pork dish. I honestly have no idea what was in it aside from apricots and meat. It was amazing, but I can only imagine how much it would have been improved by some basil. I think I need to try this glazed basil apricot chicken, and it definitely needs to be over rice or couscous or quinoa. YUM!

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