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Stencil How To: A Rustic Cabinet Makeover With Modello(R) Stencils

This old, rustic cabinet came from the gigantic Hillsville, Virginia Labor Day antiques show, probably 15 years ago. I loved it, but my neighbor bought it out from under me. I ended up trading her for my old kitchen cabinets later that year and ended up with it myself after all. It is a prize piece in my home office because it is narrow, yet holds all of my boring, cluttery office supplies. It – also – was – boring.
Do you have a similar piece that you will never part with, but it needs just a tiny something to add some pizzazz? Having spent many years in the faux finishing business, I loved to use Royal Design Studio’s Modello one-time masking patterns in my clients’ homes. They are like a stencil, but you can choose the pattern and size you want. Ages ago, I imagined using an over-scale design on this cabinet, with just a simple touch of stain.
What do you think? Want to try something new and quite simple? You’ll be amazed at how fast this goes
When you look at the wide array of patterns offered online, you may be overwhelmed. So think about your piece, its scale, style, and what you want to achieve. For this project, my cabinet is large, plain, rustic and old. I chose an open design without a lot of tiny details. Due to the two old glass pulls and the rustic closure, I also chose a pattern that would complement those elements and the original neutral finish, which I love. The rich brown stain I used is fairly neutral and blends well with the other brown items in my office.

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